China in My Eyes

50 years of continued friendship

China in 1964-66

Why Colin and Alyce went to China in 1964

When the Menzies government advertised scholarships to study asian studies in Canberra, Colin’s mother suggested  that he should apply. Considering Catherine, (Colin’s mother) was influenced by the fear of China, which was  very strong in the 1950s, it was a remarkable suggestion. Australian’s were given the fear that China was going to come and invade Australia. Most Australians believed that. But Colin’s mother, Catherine thought that China would be important for Australia’s future, and  encouraged Colin to apply for a scholarship. the suggestion to  apply for the scholarship changed Colin’s life.



Alyce’s parents were farmers and didn’t think it necessary to study another degree or go to an Asian country. Listening to her instincts Alyce went to Japan and then off to Cambridge where she married Colin and were able to go to China for a 2 year work contract.


Alyce's homestay family in Japan 1964

Alyce’s homestay family in Japan 1962

My beautiful picture

Wedding in London July 1964














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