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50 years of continued friendship


Australia- China Friendship

By teaching, living, starting a family, publishing widely and pioneering education between Australia and China, Colin has built bridges, friendship and mutual understanding which has resulted in diplomatic foreign friendship, sister city relations and university exchange programs between two vastly different countries. Rather than build walls, Colin has in effect helped build bridges between two culturally and politically different countries. In the 1960s Australia’s relations with China were that of fear of invasion, today it is relationship of mutual friendship and trade. Mutual friendship has been built and at least a part of this friendship can be traced back through the different view Colin has provided on China through education and publications.

Some of Colin’s notable achievements of friendship and exchange are:

  • Founded a pioneering integrated degree in Asian Studies in Australia
  • Taught extensively about China in Australia and about Australia in China
  • Published extensively about China and Asian studies, especially theatre, ethnic minorities and history
  • Helped pioneer the pathway for Asian language programs to be implemented in Australian schools
  • Set up a teacher and student exchange programs between Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, and Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, and Griffith University
  • Helped form Sister City Friendships between Australian and Chinese cities,  such as between Shenzhen and Brisbane
  • Australian student exchange programs to various universities in China from Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen and many more
  • Leading tourist groups around China
  • Leading student groups around China
  • Monitoring research projects
  • Giving papers at conferences all around the world
  • Was the first director of a Confucius Institute in Australia, so that Australians can learn Chinese
  • this list is endless

  A Selection of Awards received:

Officer in the General Division of the Order of Australia, 11 June 2007. The citation reads: ‘For service to Asian studies and international relations; particularly in the field of Chinese society, culture and language’.

The Chinese government” Friendship Award “, 30 September 2014.

China Books Special Contribution Award (25 August 2015), a special note about this award is that to date (August 2015), only 22 people outside of China have received this award.

Australia-China Council Award for ‘outstanding contributions and achievements by individuals from Australia and China’ in the area of culture in Australia-China relations, 21 December 1999.

Centenary Medal, April 2003. The citation for the award is ‘For distinguished service to education and international relations’.

The United Nations  and Australia jointly awarded “Media Peace Award” (1981).

 Honorary Phd Degrees

Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 2004

Griffith University, Queensland, Australia, 2006

Lifelong Honorary Professor at Beijing Foreign Language University 2007 (2007年,北京外国语大学授予其“终身荣誉教授”称号)



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